Legal protection

Legal protection insurance seeks to ensure access to justice via an organised system of legal benefits without you having to worry about the excessive costs which are usually associated with such proceedings.

No matter whether you’re a private individual, head of a family, businessperson or freelance professional, you may come face to face with problems where the only solution available is through the courts. Tackling these problems requires money, precious time and often times you, as the insured, can be involved in proceedings not knowing whether your rights will be safeguarded or not. And recourse to the courts if often necessary to settle the protection

With legal protection insurance you can cover:

  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Court costs
  • Court process server fees
  • Remuneration for witnesses called to testify and court-appointed experts
  • Court costs imposed on the losing side
Who can be covered by a legal protection policy?

Just some examples of who can benefit from legal protection cover:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Property owners
  • Owners of vehicles and vessels
  • Hotel owners
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Military personnel, police officers, port officials and fire-fighters
  • Rescuers
  • Accountants – tax advisors