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“To become an insurance and financial advisor is not just some professional choice. It’s a decision that will change your life and the lives of the people who place their trust in you. In this job you’ll have the opportunity to offer valuable guidance and expert advice to people to protect the most valuable assets they have. You help safeguard their hopes and dreams about the future. You are the bringer of good news to a family or business when the worst happens, but also when the best possible happens. It’s no coincidence that insurance and financial advisors are called “miracle makers””

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An advisor’s career is a journey that requires dedication, integrity, a high level of professionalism, special training, sacrifices, as well as constant effort on your part to improve your skills. As with all journeys to hard-to-reach destinations, more experienced travellers will help you cope with the difficulties that arise and will successfully guide to that destination.

At DF Advisors we have experience and a proven track record of success in training insurance and financial advisors. The phrase “you may go faster on your own but together we’ll go further” succinctly encapsulates our approach to how we train our associates.

After 34 years in the insurance market, I firmly believe that the profession of Advisor is one of the world’s most virtuous professions. Together we can achieve great things. “Things that don’t happen by chance but by choice”

Director & Founder

Insurance and Financial Advisor - Main Duties
  • Identifying potential clients and targeting markets using modern methods
  • Exploring and highlighting the needs of potential clients at individual, family and business level, helping them spot possible financial risks that require insurance solutions.
  • Designing and presenting insurance plans to prospective clients having reviewed their needs and financial data.
  • Providing continuous service for all things clients needs thereby creating long-term trust-based relationships with them.
Why should I become an insurance and financial advisor?

A career as an insurance and financial advisor enables you to give something to society as a whole, changing people’s lives for the better thanks both to your advice and the high income they enjoy. At the same time, as a freelance professional you acquire a daily routine, allowing you to strike a balance between your professional and personal life. The answer to why you should become an Advisor could be answered by looking at the three “Cs” of this career: Contribution, Control, Compensation, which drive high-potential insurance and financial advisors all around the world.

Contribution: Insurance and financial advice does not simply mean making sales. It means helping others prepare for the risks they will face in the future and being there when they need you most.

Control: You have control over your activities, the choices you make, and how much you earn. You decide on what markets to specialize in, who your clients will be, and how you spend your time. When you become an advisor you become a freelance professional. You have your own business but without the capital normally required to make such an investment, and also enjoy extensive support from the associates you choose.

Compensation: Advisors are remunerated based on their productivity; the sky’s the limit. You can earn a very high income that enables you to fulfil your personal and family goals; the result and the financial benefits you seek depend solely on what you put in.

At the same time, if one looks at the profession’s prospects in the current financial and socio-political environment, one sees that at present the role of private insurance is constantly gaining ground. The protection and benefits offered by the state both in terms of individual risks (health, pension, loss of life) and in terms of assets are considered to be inadequate.

Now, more than ever, people are looking for vision and guidance before making decisions based on trust. None of that is possible without trust between advisors and clients. Our advisors earn that trust each and every day. Their task is to build a real relationship with clients and their families, and obtain a real understanding of their financial concerns and needs. They also bring about change clients’ lives, leading them towards greater financial security.

Before taking financial decisions, people want proper information presented in a simple, direct, transparent way and they want to feel they can trust. All that is part and parcel of how modern insurance and financial advisors operate. Advice is the future and being able to give it is what distinguishes good advisors from excellent ones. At DF Advisors have chosen to follow the path of excellence. Why? Because it has been proven to be the path to long-term prosperity for both advisors and their clients.

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