Legal protection

Every modern businessperson’s objective is to consistently and responsibly engage in their professional activities each and every day to achieve the desired level of profitability for their business. In many cases when engaging in professional activity, the entrepreneur (or business) will face unexpected events which create problems for the business’ uninterrupted operation, generate additional costs and may often need to be resolved by the lawyers in or out of court.

business legal protection

Legal Protection Insurance is an organised way of providing legal benefits to a company that can cover:

  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Court costs
  • Court process server fees
  • Remuneration for witnesses called to testify and court-appointed experts
  • Court costs imposed on the losing side
Who can be covered by a company legal protection policy?
  • You as a businessperson or freelance professional for the professional activity you carry on
  • Members of your family if employed by the business
  • Employees or workers in the course of their professional activities
What does business legal protection cover?

Legal protection against compensation. Claims for compensation may arise from an accident at the business or premises, on the way to work and during the carrying on of professional activity. Claims also arise in the case of theft, fire, destruction of machinery, etc.

Legal protection for criminal offences. This covers market police offences, occupational accidents and other offences which fall within the scope of criminal law. Every day there is a risk of accidents when machinery is being used in the workplace or of accidents on stairs or in warehouses, etc. Criminal charges are almost always brought against the business operator in the event of any occupational accident.

Legal Protection for labour disputes. This relates to cases where there are disputes between the insured employer and its employees which relate both to the claim made and to rebuttal of that claim.

Legal protection for disputes with social security funds.

Legal protection for business premises.

Legal Protection for disputes under the Company’s insurance contracts.