Health insurance

One of the most fundamental priorities in our life is safeguarding our family’s and our own health, which daily is at risk due to a sudden -less or more serious- illness or an accident.

If such a difficult circumstance arises, all of us want to have the ability to choose the best possible solution without having to worry about how much it might cost us.

Such a solution that will allow us to have

  • Immediate access to doctors and medical facilities
  • Immediate access to contemporary treatments
  • With zero waiting time
  • Without disrupting our family’s financial status

can be provided by health insurance.

How prepared are you to undertake the potential cost needed to treat a health problem?

Most of us are aware that health costs run high, but in reality, very few of us understand that many health problems lead to expenses that count tenths of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros and thus become unbearable.

In many of such cases, people that chose not to be proactive in the sense of having a health insurance plan on, they find themselves in a very difficult situation.Besides their health being at risk with whatever that means for their personal or professional life, at the same time they need to cover huge expenses for medical treatments, something that might lead them to borrow or liquidate their assents.

Having a private health insurance plan is essential to your personal and/or family protection planning.

Through out cooperation with top notch insurance companies in Greece and worldwide, we can provide you consultation and trustworthy insurance solutions:

What kind of benefits does my health insurance provide?

A health insurance plan enables you to cover both out-patient expenses (doctors’ consultation fees, medical tests, check-ups) and in-patient bills (hospitalization expenses in private or public hospitals).

Indicative cover of out-patient expenses:

  • Unlimited consultation fees in all the medical specialties
  • Medical tests
  • Small medical procedures
  • Annual check-up
  • Dental cover

Indicative cover of in-patient expenses:

  • Cover up to 100% of the hospital bills in Greece and abroad (room and board, operating room expenses, medicines and surgical dressings, intensive care & intensive therapy)
  • Surgeons’ and anesthetists’ fees
  • Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests
  • Advanced imaging such as CT & MRI scan
  • Nursing care including 30 days of special & exclusive nursing care
  • Prosthetic implants and appliances
  • Cancer treatment: radiotherapy & chemotherapy received as an in-patient, day-patient or out-patient
  • Kidney dialysis
  • Transplant procedures
  • In-patient day-case and out-patient surgical operations
  • Parent accommodation in case of a child’s hospitalization
  • Cash benefit in case of free in-patient treatment in public hospitals
  • Child birth benefit allowance
  • Both direct settlement and pay & claim
  • Rehabilitation
  • ER
  • Ambulance transportation including air ambulance
  • Evacuation and repatriation services
  • 24/7 helpline
How can I combine the cover I have from my social security and/or my group benefit policy with my individual or family private health insurance plan?

Individual/Family Policies combined with Social Security

If you have social security then you can have through it, your medical expenses in the public facilities paid in full. Also, it can participate in a small percentage in private facilities as well.

By choosing a health insurance plan that has a preset deductible or a percentage participation, you can use your social security to pay it partly or in full, in order to have lower annual premium.

In a such a case, you conclude in a very clever plan that combines all the benefits from every insurance carrier (public & private)

Individual Policies combined with Group Benefit Policies

Many employees, mostly in private companies, enjoy the benefit of being included in group policies courtesy of their employer. That means that without any out of pocket money they have access to a basic (regarding the annual policy benefit allowance) health cover, but with a very wide range of cases in which it can be used.

If you have such a benefit from your employer, you should consider that averagely the annual cover reaches about €15.000 (usually the lowest is €10.000 and the maximum €20.000), provided that it is paid and in effect when you need it.

In our field of work there are health plans especially designed to fit perfectly group benefit policies because they come to increase the annual cover at a very low budget and at the same time they can be transformed in full coverage policies in case the group benefit becomes invalid.

Over 65 years old

There’s a saying that goes “The sooner the better” and that surely applies in health insurance. In real life though, timely planning isn’t always possible. If that’s the case, we have a range of solutions for those of you, who hadn’t had the chance to implement this decision earlier.

If you are 65 and you desire to secure your health, we can provide you with a variety of plans provided from companies in Greece or abroad, which are meant to fulfil your needs in the best possible way. Depending on your age, your medical history (possible pre-existing conditions) and the range of cover you need to have, we plan with you in order to have the right health insurance.

65 years-old and above

Indicative points of coverage:

  • Free hospital choice and direct payment all over the world
  • Up to 1st class hospital accommodation
  • Consultation in doctors of your own choice
  • Medicines
  • Check Up
  • Medical Tests
  • Emergency evacuation and repatriation services
  • 24/7 helplines and pre-authorization lines
  • Pre-existing conditions cover with or without special conditions
Do you reside abroad?

The last few years, many people decide to move from their home country to pursue their professional or academical goals. A very frequent need that arise in that case is the right health insurance plan (in and/or out the hospital cover) abroad.

Every case is unique for us, as we need to closely study all the involved parameters such as the destination, the residency period, the age of the person that will move, his/her medical history and the affordable premium. Our cooperation with the top international health providers (Bupa, AXA PPP, Cigna) and also the top providers of worldwide travel insurance (Lloyds, Bupa) gives us a great flexibility regarding the planning of the right solution for your needs.

The period of the residency abroad, from a few months to permanent, is the key factor that defines whether someone can be viewed as a resident or just a visitor. In any case and since that’s something unknown at first, our suggested proposals can cover all bases.

Do you have a pre-existing condition?

Your medical history has a great impact in your search for the right health plan and it will define if an insurance company will accept you, under what conditions and with what fee. Chronic medical conditions shouldn’t discourage you from finding the most suitable cover for you. There are companies in Greece and abroad that evaluate and, in many cases, accept to provide people with chronic medical conditions with coverage, either by fully accepting them or by applying special conditions or extra premium.

Do you want to cover maternity and labor costs?

mother and baby

If you’re planning to grow your family, one thing you should think about is how can you plan timely in order to cover the costs of pregnancy, maternity and labor that come with it. The alternatives that we have cover a wide range of different of benefits that have to do with the pregnancy and of course, with the labor. Also, there is a choice of including possible pregnancy or labor complications and treatment or care for the newborn.

All benefits that come from such a planning are parts of wider health insurance coverage and are enabled after the completion of the waiting period that ranges from 12 to 24 months, depending on what the policy presets.

Labor benefits are either specific cash benefits or direct payment to the hospital and that is something you choose for your plan to provide.

Pregnancy and maternity insurance indicatively include and reimburse expenses that have to do with:

  • Prenatal and post labor treatments and tests
  • C-section or natural childbirth
  • Labor complications
  • Transportation costs to and from the hospital
  • Newborn treatment and/or care
  • Treatment of congenital and/or hereditary conditions