Κλέαρχος Πεφάνιος

Klearchos Pefanios

Director & Founder

I’ve been in the insurance market for more than 30 years. Important turning points in my career have included top management and sales positions in insurance companies. Over all these years I’ve trained hundreds of insurance advisors and more than 200 sales executives at all levels.

I’m dedicated to creating professionals who will have an impact on their client’s life and our society.

I like to help professionals discover their hidden skills, develop those skills and blossom into the best version of themselves that they can be, allowing both them and their families to prosper. As someone well aware that there is no easy, fast track to success, I seek to teach my business associates how to patiently cultivate the right professional habits and to be ethical and reliable when it comes to customer service.

Throughout my professional career I’ve maintained close ties with leading global training bodies such as GAMA Global, MDRT and LIMRA, firmly believing in the power of training and education to forge professionals with the highest potential. In 2014 I made one of my professional dreams come true. Along with a team of experienced managers from the Greek insurance market I set up GAMA HELLAS, the first pan-European branch of the international organisation GAMA Global. As the Branch’s first Chairman, I am particularly pleased to have laid the foundations for a long-term partnership that will allow Greek managers in the sector to connect with and learn our sector’s best practices from leading colleagues from around the world.

I am also very proud that after acquiring 30 years of experience in critical sectors of the insurance world, I have been able to set up my own company, Dynamic Financial Advisors. Our goal at DF Advisors is to impartially provide clients with the information and guidance they need to make smart insurance choices that will protect their loved ones. When advisors provide comprehensible financial guidance to their clients, they help give them “peace of mind” so they can live the life they have dreamed about for themselves and their loved ones.

I consider myself a life-long pupil in the global insurance industry. I am constantly seeking out new knowledge and keeping myself up to date about the latest trends and developments in the insurance and financial sector; a message I instil in all my associates.

Εβίτα Λαμπαδιάρη

Evita Lampadiari

Insurance & Financial Advisor

I began my professional career in the insurance market in 2006. I’d just graduated in Statistics & Insurance and decided to become better acquainted with the profession of insurance and financial advisor. My journey into that world remains as exciting today as it was then. I was very pleased to be involved in setting up Dynamic Financial Advisors in 2017; it came after working for 10 years as part of the exclusive network of insurance advisors run by an insurance company, as well as holding positions of responsibility in the sales network training sector.

My role as an insurance and financial advisor in effect means I’m an “architect”, devising plans that help families and businesses achieve their financial targets and make their dreams and wishes come true.


My mission is to acquire an in-depth understanding of each and every client’s needs, to identify their fears and concerns and to design a suitable financial plan for them and their loved ones.

Building long-term, yet unique, relationships of trust with clients and associates has been the cornerstone of my career to date, throughout which I’ve remained true to the company’s motto “Specialising in You”.

As a marathon runner I’ve also learned to set difficult targets for myself, to travel long distances and to reach the finishing line by patiently and loyally following the strategy –and possible alternatives to it– I’ve put in place. I handle all the financial plans I devise for clients in precisely the same way. My aim is that by implementing the plan agreed with the client, they’ll be able to reach their own “finishing line” safely, having enjoyed the entire route no matter how many barriers appear along the way.

I’m particularly pleased when I have the opportunity to get to know people looking for insurance and financial advice. Together we can work out a plan that sets priorities and specific targets for their current and future circumstances. Together we can achieve great things. Things that will change their lives forever. Those things don’t happen by chance but by choice!


Klearchos and Evita have built a remarkable firm. They have both studied the very best our profession has to offer and learned the most effective strategies and practices. They are arguably the top students of the game and this has paid off for them as they continue to build an organization on great people and values. Anyone that is on their team has given themselves an incredible advantage. Congrats on all of your success and I look forward to seeing even greater accomplishments as we continue to grow together in our profession of changing lives forever!
- Ed Deutschlander / CEO at North Star Resource Group
In times when financial uncertainly is a daily worry in the minds of people globally, it is critical that you have a financial advisor you can trust. The team at Dynamic Financial Advisors is ready to equip you with white glove service with your life goals in mind.
- Bonnie Godsman / CEO GAMA Global
The DF Advisors team helped me shield my business against risks that I hadn’t thought threatened its proper operation. It is important to know that I have taken the best care to protect my business so that I can now make decisions about its development, with less stress. Their advice is the ultimate value for money. I highly recommend them!
- Sakis Koutsiaftis / Co-Owner at Azzurro Travel
sakis kotsiaftis
Seeking, initially on my own, boat insurance I found myself faced with several questions about the options of covers I could have. Through the discussion with a specialized advisor I obtained an insurance policy against all risks for my boat. I now have the fullest cover for a very important asset of mine.
- Olga Milioni / Yacht Agent
olga milioni
"It's not about how much money you make, it's about how much you invest to make more" - that phrase from my financial advisor was enough to make me want to know more about investment plans. The knowledge he shared with me led me to smart decisions about my financial future.
- John Kallipetis / Managing Director, Cargo Experts LTD
Seeking insurance coverage for the technical projects we undertake is not always an easy task. But we know that in DF Advisors we will find the solution we need for each case!
- George Garantziotis / Owner Meleccon Techniki
George Garantziotis
We are very happy that as foreigners we ensured the best guidance for figuring out our insurance needs and the most efficient way to cover them. DFA’s advisors understood our way of thinking, our fears and concerns and provided us with a tailor made plan that has made us feel confident that ourselves, our loved ones & our assets are well protected. In addition to that, for a decade now, we turn to them whenever we want a suggestion or recommendation regarding state procedures, medical issues or anything that requires an immediate consultation or solution. Let’s say they’re our “go to” persons for anything that might come up and they’re always there for us.
- Enan Sassoon & Theodora Chatziioannou / Shipping Executives
Excellent site. I managed, within five minutes, to get the most economical contract for my car, comparing the biggest companies on the market.
- Constantinos Dervitsiotis / Financial Analyst
kostantinos dervitsiotis
Df Advisors' advice on choosing the right group insurance plan for our company was really valuable. Not only did we choose an insurance plan with digital direct compensation procedures, but we were also able to vary the range of coverage according to the needs of our employees. So we feel that we offer our people a benefit with real value for them and their families.
- Efstathios Sinos / Businessman
efstathios sinos