Holiday Home Insurance. What you need to know

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Your holiday home is threatened by the same risks facing your main residence. In quite a few cases, it could face more risks. Sudden and catastrophic events can cause minor damage or even destruction.

How well protected is this precious space from the sudden and often destructive risks that threaten it?

Protecting your holiday home with an insurance plan is the ideal solution. Some forms of holiday home cover include fire, earthquake, flood, severe weather events and even theft.

If your holiday home is located close to a forested area, the risk of fires is higher. Similarly, if it is located on an island or in a coastal area, winds and extreme weather events can cause major property damage.

In the above, you also need to bear in mind that your holiday home is an asset you cannot check on each and every day.

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What you need to watch out for, when insuring your holiday home.

Proper insurance of your holiday home presupposes that the insured values of both the building and the contents have been correctly calculated. The protection measures that exist will also play a very important role.

If your holiday home is built to a luxury standard and includes high value contents, you need something more specialized. In the insurance market there are special plans for high value holiday homes to provide you with full coverage in both the building and the contents.

Summing Up

Your holiday home is a place where you want to feel calm and safe, enjoying personal moments either alone or with your family. The funds invested in it are high. Small or large, new or old is an asset worth protecting.

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