International health insurance programs. The tailor made solution for clients with special requirements.

If you are a frequent traveller, if you want to have access to premium health services, if you are interested in comprehensive maternity coverage or if you are over 80 and want to be insured, then international health insurance plans are the solution you need to consider.

Having this kind of insurance, allows you to enjoy high quality health services in the country of residence as well in any other country in the world. A need base analysis that takes into account all the particular parameters of family, professional and financial situation is very important in order to design the suitable solution. “One size doesn’t fit all” is the key phrase for the insurance consultant who undertakes to guide the customer and suggest the right solution.

These programs are provided by International Groups with many years of experience, know-how, expertise, and portfolios of millions of policyholders worldwide. Indicatively, we mention the most famous ones available in the Greek insurance market: Bupa, AXA Global Healthcare, Cigna, Now Health, Allianz Worldwide, Aetna, April.

Who should consider to have an international health program?

Since the main feature of these programs is the coverage of health incidents around the world, we could initially say that they are aimed at people who travel frequently and stay for short or long periods abroad. Typical cases are entrepreneurs, company executives and specialized professionals from fields with no geographical boundaries, such as shipping, tourism or politics. The needs and requirements of comprehensive health coverage are elevated both for themselves and for their families, who use to move with them in many cases.

In addition to frequent commuters or expatriates, it would be useful to point out some more cases of policyholders who turn with keen interest to these programs due to significant competitive advantages: 

  • Insured persons who want a holistic coverage of their health which, in addition to primary and secondary care costs, would include services such as dental care, psychiatric treatment, eye examinations, vaccinations or counseling services
  • Elderly people. We can insure elderly people regardless of their age
  • Women who wish to have full coverage of childbirth expenses and complications with a short waiting period for the activation of the coverage.
  • Expatriates who do not necessarily seek for global coverage but for coverage in two countries, the country of residence and the country of nationality.

What benefits do international health insurance programs provide to policyholders?

The benefits offered through these programs include a wide range of services, leaving even the most demanding insured completely satisfied. Indicatively, we mention the following:

  • Hospita lcare costs can be covered worldwide with high coverage limits or even unlimited
  • Direct payment of expenses to hospitals
  • 100% coverage or coverage with a wide range of deductibleamounts
  • Rehabilitation after hospitalization
  • Coverage of transplant costs both for the patient-insured and the donor
  • Home Care
  • Psychological support of the patient
  • Treatment for obesity
  • Pregnancy and childbirth costs, pregnancy and neonatal care complications
  • Outpatient care costs (visits to doctors of the insured person’s choice and diagnostic tests)
  • Medicines
  • Eyeexaminations, purchase of glasses and dental care
  • Costs of alternative medicine (e.g. acupuncture, Chinese medicine)
  • Emergencypatient transfer & repatriation

Is it possible to create group programs for businesses?

Group insurance policies of international companies are ideal solutions for businesses whose employees make frequent trips to different countries for short or long periods. In addition, companies that have employees working remotely in different countries need to provide high coverage limits to them as health costs can vary significantly by country. For example, in Greece the maximum limit of € 20,000 or € 30,000 of a group insurance may be considered satisfactory coverage combined with state insurance, but the same does not apply to an employee in England where local market policies give higher coverage limits.

Any company that wishes to provide its employees or executives with a higher level of health services through a group insurance policy, can do so as long as there are at least 3 mainly insured persons.  It is also worth mentioning that in case of group insurance policies of 5 members or more, all pre-existing diseases can be covered without taking a medical history.

What are the competitive advantages of these programs?

In addition to the wide range of coverage mentioned, it is worth highlighting the following competitive advantages:

  • Immediate activation of coverage without waiting periods (except maternity and obesity treatment).
  • Optionto pay in 3 different currencies (euro, dollar, GBP)
  • 24/7 call centers available, speaking the language of the insured in order to receive immediate guidance for health incide
  • Option of coverage pre-existing health conditions by applying a higher premium or by applying an exemption.
  • Coverage of all pre-existing health conditions without taking a medical history if the insured joins the insurance through a group program of more than 5 people
  • Insurance without age limit

How much does it cost?

The cost varies significantly depending on the age, nationality, country of residence, insurance benefits, geographical coverage of the policy, health status and the company chosen by the insured.

Indicatively, the cost of hospital care with 100% coverage in a single room with worldwide coverage (excluding America) starts, for a 50-year-old, from € 2.134 / year. The same benefits for a 65-year-old cost €3,702/year and for an 80-year-old €7,400/year.  The cost can be reduced if the policy has a deductible amount (paid by the insured) in case of hospitalization.

What’s the difference with travel insurance?

A question that often arises for people who travel frequently is whether travel insurance covers them adequately and whether they should consider the solution of international insurance programs.

Travel insurance is a very useful cover for sudden health incidents that will occur during a trip (business or leisure) as well as other unexpected incidents that can disrupt a trip (eg trip cancellation, loss of luggage, etc.).

However, the coverage of sudden incidents excludes pre-existing diseases. This  practically means that if the insured has a pre-existing condition and the incident that will occur is related to this condition, it will not be covered.

In addition, travel insurance policies are issued for each trip individually or on an annual basis to cover all trips in a year. When the contract expires, it is not automatically renewed. The insured does not ensure his cover for the next renewal and cannot establish the right to be covered in the future no matter how many years or trips has covered in the past. At each renewal he is considered a “new” insured and pre-existing diseases will not be covered.

On the other hand, health policies of international insurance companies ensure that coverage is valid for any incident according to the terms and conditions agreed and accepted at the beginning of the policy based on the declared medical history of the insured.

Summing up

You can have multiple and appealing options through these programs. The design of the appropriate coverage for each insured requires experience and is based on a careful need base analysis. At df advisors we can guide you to the most suitable solution, proving the moto of our company specializing in you!

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