Health insurance. 5 reasons worth investing

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Health problems always cause disruption and concern. Since you cannot avoid them, at least make sure you are insured for them

There are many benefits you can take advantage of, once you decide to have private health insurance. Let’s look at the 5 most important:

  1. Access to high-level health services as well as modern treatments. The continued degradation of state health system benefits is a reasonable concern.
    What happens if you need to deal with a health problem?
    Deficiencies in health equipment, medical equipment, medicines, examinations, nursing staff and doctors significantly affect the quality of everyday life and the needs of people. Through private health insurance you can, with dignity and a sense of security, address any health issue that arises.
  2. You are protecting you and your family from unforeseen and unbearable expenses. Most of us are aware that health costs run high. But in reality, very few of us understand that many health problems lead to expenses that count tenths of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of euros and thus become unbearable. In such cases, those who have not taken care to be insured privately find themselves in a very difficult situation. Besides their health problem, they are called upon to cover huge costs of hospitalization and treatment. They are often forced to borrow or even liquidate their property.
  3. You can find the service that suits your needs and your financial capabilities. You can find programs specifically for children, for dental care, with the option of choosing lower or higher nursing class. A health insurance plan enables you to cover both out-patient expenses (doctors’ consultation fees, medical tests, check-ups) and in-patient bills (hospitalization expenses in private or public hospitals).
  4. You can combine the cover you have from your social security and/or group benefit policy with your individual or family private health insurance plan. Plans specially designed in such a way that they can be combined with the existing benefits of the state health system as well as group health programs .In a such a case, you conclude in a very clever plan that combines all the benefits from every insurance carrier (public & private)
  5. If you take care to be insured on time, you ensure that you can access any treatment required both in Greece and abroad. The basic condition for starting a private health insurance policy is the good health of the insured person. The well-known saying “the sooner the better” surely applies in health insurance.

Summing up

In recent years we have seen private health insurance gain more and more ground in our country. People of all ages, family, professional and financial situation seek and eventually come up with private health insurance solutions.

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